Where can I buy Nautica Watches?

Nautica watches are available in many different department and specialty stores across the United States as well as worldwide distribution for our international customers. Please go to our Store Locator to find a location near you. For any other information, please e-mail the Service Center nearest you.

Are Nautica Watches Water Resistant?

If your watch is water resistant, it will be indicated on the watch face or on the case back.

50 Meter Water-Resistant watch withstands water pressure to 86p.s.i.a. (equals immersion to 164 feet or 50 meters below sea level) and dust as long as crystal, crown and case remain intact.

100 Meter Water-Resistant watch withstands water pressure to 160p.s.i.a. (equals immersion to 328 feet or 100 meters below sea level) and dust as long as crystal, crown and case remain intact.

200 Meter Water Resistant watch withstands water pressure to 320p.s.i.a. (equals immersion to 656 feet or 200 meters below sea level) and dust as long as crystal, crown and case remain intact.


What is Indiglo night light?

Indiglo night-light is a patented lighting system that uniformly illuminates the entire watch dial for ease in telling time in low light conditions. It is simply activated by the push of a button. Battery life is inconsequentially effected. Only featured in analog and digital watches marked with “Indiglo ” on the dial/display. Indiglo night-mode Indiglo night-light feature illuminates for 3 seconds with a push of any button; only digital “Indiglo night-mode” marked watches.

What is the metal content of a Nautica watch?

Metal cases are either brass or stainless steel. Metal bracelets are stainless steel.

Can I change the battery in my Nautica watch or should I have a local jeweler do it?

Please do not change the battery yourself. Do not take your Nautica watch to a local jeweler for a replacement battery. Entrust your Nautica watch to the Customer Service Centers listed.

What do I do if I need a replacement leather strap or want a metal bracelet?

U.S. residents please email the customer service dept. Include information regarding type, size and color of strap or bracelet. Prices will vary based on material and construction.

For international residents, please select the service center closest to you.

What do I do if the metal bracelet on the Nautica watch I purchased is too large or too small?

If the metal bracelet watch is a gift, do not have the bracelet sized. The recipient should have the bracelet adjusted for their personal comfort.

Too large: U.S. department stores and better specialty stores carrying Nautica watches are equipped with bracelet adjustment tool kits.

Too short: U.S. residents: send your watch to the repair dept. advising how many links to add. Email customer service custserv@timex.com with the watch style number and number of links needed. 3 extra links will be provided free of charge; if more than 3 links are needed, additional charges will be incurred based on the specific bracelet.

Where do I send my Nautica watch for repair?

U.S. only please e-mail custserv@timex.com to confirm next steps. (Return the watch, your payment and a brief description of the desired repair or issue. Send your package certified mail to:

TG Service Center
PO BOX 2802
North Little Rock, AR 72115

For INTERNATIONAL repairs please select the Service Center nearest you.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail custserv@timex.com

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