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Women’s Sport Watches

Nautica sets sail with three new watch styles offering a wide variety of colors and designs for women. All three styles feature midsize stainless steel cases with the NAC 102 Mid at 36mm, the NCT 405 at 38mm, and the NSR 11 Mid at 40mm. Color is always a primary story with Nautica watches, particularly in women’s styles. This season’s selection carries on the tradition with bright and bold reds, yellows, oranges, blues, greens and more. Each style is also available in a classic black or white version. But color is only part of the story. These collections are perfect for on-the-go women, looking for accessories that are sporty, fashionable and flexible enough to fit their active lifestyles. These three styles go effortlessly from the beach to the boardroom. For fashion or fitness, there’s a match for every look. The NAC 102 Mid is a clean design featuring a Japanese date movement and an attention grabbing top ring. Eight color choices are available in a silicone strap or in a silver or gold stainless steel bracelet. The NCT 405 Mid features a Japanese multifunction movement with day, date and 24-hour indicators and a turning top ring that matches the strap color. Six colors are available in a textured silicone strap. The NSR 11 Mid features a Japanese multifunction movement for day, date and 24-hour tracking. It showcases a bold, clean sport design on a silicone strap. An aluminum dive-style turning top ring and black dial with bold numbers and markers give this timepiece a real sense of adventure. The NSR11 is available in three colors including a stunning all white version. All three styles are water resistant up to 100M. “Sporty and functional, our new sport watches for women capture the essence of the Nautica brand. Bold colors, classic design details, and ease of wear make these timepieces ideal for the active woman,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management.

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NST Aluminum

Nautica introduces the latest in the NST family of watches—the NST Aluminum. The popular NST case is now available in aluminum creating a lighter, more durable watch with a technological design and feel. The NST Aluminum is a striking timepiece that integrates materials to capture the Nautica brand’s spirit of adventure. Maintaining classic Nautica watch features, like clean dial design, rich color, and luminous hands and markers, this timepiece also adds a new element – aluminum -for a smart, ready-for-action look. Color is heightened and pops on the aluminum top ring and pushers, pulling the design together with matching silicone straps. Featuring a 49mm aluminum and stainless steel case with an aluminum uni-directional turning top-ring, the NST Aluminum is hi-tech design with sport functionality. Japanese chronograph movement features a 60-minute chronograph, date and 24-hour indicators. It’s also available in a multi-function version with a day indicator instead of the 60-minute chrono. The NST Aluminum is available with a textured, single-stitched, silicone strap. Strap colors include black, blue, white, orange, yellow and brown. The timepiece is water resistant up to 100M. “The NST Aluminum takes one of our most popular cases and gives it a technological feel. Noticeably lighter with striking color and details, this timepiece is classic Nautica designed for the modern consumer,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management.

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NST 600 Chrono Flag

Nautica Watches unveils a sporty new timepiece to augment its NST 600 collection—introducing the NST 600 Chrono Flag. The new watch features nautical flag icons as the hour markers on the dial. The flags spell out “Nautica Sport” in the internationally recognized nautical alphabet. Set in the new NST 600 case design, this sophisticated sport watch speaks to people who love life on the water. The NST 600 Chrono Flag features a 46mm stainless steel case with a tachymeter etched into the brushed steel bezel. The colorful timepiece utilizes a chronograph movement featuring 30-minute, split-time, and date and day indicators. A colorful ring on the dial, which matches or offsets the strap color, connects the flags and completes the design. The NST 600 Chrono Flag is available in four colors: red, blue, black or white. Straps are leather on the inside, polyurethane on the outside for durability, comfort and style. Nautica watches are known for their attention to detail. The NST 600 Chrono Flag watch features the signature J-class sail etched on the crown and sleek, contoured casing and pushers. The timepiece is water resistant up to 100M. “The NST 600 Chrono Flag is a great addition to our flag category of watches,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management. “With its color accents and timeless design along with the sport functionality one expects from Nautica, this timepiece embodies the Nautica brand’s connection to the sea and modern classic style.”

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NST 600 Chrono

Continuing its legacy of creating authentic timepieces inspired by the sailing lifestyle, Nautica introduces a brand new case design in a classic sport watch collection—the NST 600 Chrono. The NST 600 sets a standard for Nautica watches with a trim 46mm stainless steel case featuring a tachymeter etched into the brushed steel bezel. The capability to track distance and speed afforded by the tachymeter is augmented by the timepiece’s chronograph with split-time function. Three subdials indicate day, seconds and 30-minute chronograph. The design also includes an arc shaped date window located between the 3 and 5 o’clock markers. A subtle honeycomb pattern adds texture and depth to the dial. The NST 600 is available in bold-colored, integrated, textured silicone straps or leather straps with yellow or orange contrast stitching. Both straps are comfortable and durable. A hint of the strap or stitching color is reflected in the subdials, adding an eye-catching design detail. Fostering the brand’s attention to detail and authenticity, the NST 600 sports watch features the signature J-class sail etched on the crown and sleek, contoured casing and pushers for chrono function. The timepiece is water resistant up to 100M. The NST 600 exudes an adventurous grace that captures the spirit of the sailing lifestyle. “We are pleased to introduce the NST 600 Chronograph. This beautiful timepiece captures the Nautica brand’s core value of a crisp, clean aesthetic, timeless design and sport functionality,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management.

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Nautica sets sail with a smartly designed and technologically robust timepiece from its Nautica Sport Technology collection – introducing the NST 550 Tide Temp Compass watch. As its name suggests, this new watch gauges temperature, tide cycle and geographic direction in a non-traditional design that represents the next generation multifunction watch. It is also a precision timepiece featuring a three-hand movement. Temperature, time, tide and compass calibrations are attractively aligned in concentric circles from the edge of the dial outward to the bezel. Available in either dark blue or black, the dial is remarkably easy to read considering the scope of the watch’s functionality. A simple wave pattern adds texture and a reminder of the brand’s connection to the sea. A fourth hand functions as the indicator hand serving as the compass needle, as well as the temperature and tide-scale indicator. Its 360-degree compass, calibrated on the bi-directional turning bezel, is easily set to the north position as indicated by the magnetic
needle. Temperature is registered from minus 20 to 50 degrees Celsius and minus 4 to 124 degrees Fahrenheit, while the tide scale measures rising and falling, high and low tides. The wristwatch also includes a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The NST 550 Tide Temp Compass watch is set in a 47mm stainless steel case, featuring a bi-directional, easy turning bezel with compass markings. This ready-for-adventure multi-functional instrument also features Indiglo® which lights the entire dial for easy reading in the dark. The new timepiece is available in a black, blue and orange integrated resin strap or stainless steel bracelet. Iconic Nautica details include pops of color, integrated straps and signature J-class sail etched on the crown. The timepiece is water resistant up to 100M. Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management states, “The NST 550 Tide Temp Compass is a technological take on our NST 550 Chronograph. Along with signature features one expects in a Nautica watch, this timepiece adds new levels of functionality that are a natural fit for the active sport watch enthusiast who values the unique designs offered by Nautica Watches.”

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Nautica is expanding its NST collection with a new watch available in two unique versions – introducing the NST 15 Date and
the NST 15 Chrono. These two watch styles boast distinctive and uncommon design features. The Date version features a counter-clockwise, circular subdial for the date that has both recessed and raised design elements. The raised outer date ring with the days of the month detail is slightly beveled for reading ease. The design revolves around a series of concentric circles, creating an iconic and compelling look. The Chronograph version features interlocked subdials with the center eye overlapping the adjacent indicators creating an engaging geometric pattern that centers the design. Both versions come with 45mm stainless steel cases augmented by black IP bezels. Select versions are available in black IP cases. The NST 15 Chrono features a 60-minute chronograph and split time measurement, plus 24-hour and date indicators. The NST 15 Date version is available on a new silicone strap while the Chrono version is available on silicone straps and stainless steel or black IP bracelets. Details like luminous hands and markers, color detail on the hands, and J-class logo are signature Nautica elements. Both models are water resistant up to 100M. “This beautifully designed collection combines the best of the Nautica brand’s core values – distinctive styling, bold colors and unique design along with authentic sport functionality. The NST 15 Date and NST 15 Chrono offer a fresh new option for the sport watch enthusiast,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management.

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NMX 1000

Nautica, the global lifestyle brand known for its connection to the water, is now leveraging the sun’s energy in a new eco-friendly, solar powered timepiece, the NMX 1000. Part of the new Nautica Sport Technology category, this ready-for-adventure sport watch connects the sea and the sun in a bold, dive-style design. Featuring a Japanese solar movement housed in a 48mm stainless steel case with a uni-directional turning top ring, luminous hands and markers, and a date window at 3 o’clock, the NMX 1000 links technology and adventure in a smart, sport watch. The NMX 1000 uses a solar cell beneath the dial to convert light into electrical energy and store it in an eco-friendly secondary battery. The timepiece has a quick-start function and starts working within a few seconds after exposure to sunlight or artificial light more than 1000lux/30watts. A special over-charge prevent function protects the battery and ensures it won’t need replacement. The NMX 1000 is available in a new resin strap featuring a solar energy design on the case back. Straps are orange, yellow or black. The timepiece is water resistant up to 200M. “We are excited to introduce this solar powered, technological sport watch. Combining dive-style function with a solar power movement, the NMX 1000 is an iconic timepiece that reflects the Nautica brand’s commitment to authenticity in design and functionality,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management.

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NMX 650 Tide

Release – In honor of 30 Years On The Water, Nautica announces the release of a new addition to the iconic NMX collection – the
NMX 650 Tide. The NMX 650 Tide is the Nautica brand’s debut of tide-related functionality in a watch, tracking tide cycle, tide amplitude and moon phases. Featuring a 50mm IP plated stainless steel case, the adventure-inspiring watch is part of the new Nautica Sport Technology category. The NMX 650 Tide utilizes a tide cycle movement, which is calibrated on the inner dial ring. The seaworthy timepiece also includes a tide amplitude and moon phase indicator in the 10 o’clock position. The NMX 650 Tide is available in a brushed black IP plated case with a navy blue dial, matching contoured aluminum top ring and pushers, and a dive-style black silicone strap. This distinct ripple strap is designed to flex and expand to fit cleanly over a wet suit. The timepiece is water resistant up to 100M. Considering its full range of functionality, this sport watch feels remarkably light and comfortable on the wrist. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Nautica brand, a brand whose heritage is indelibly tied to and inspired by the water. The NMX 650 Tide continues this legacy with authentic elements like a turning bezel, crescent shaped date window and signature J-class sail etched on the crown. This attention to detail is a core attribute for Nautica.“We are excited to present the NMX 650 Tide. This iconic timepiece pays homage to the Nautica brand’s close connection to the water. Its bold style and authentic sport functionality, including tide meter, celebrate both the history and the future of this modern, classic brand,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management.”

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BFD 105 Chrono

Nautica announces the release of a new chronograph timepiece with a distinct military look, the BFD 105 Chrono. Part of the iconic BFD collection, this distinguished watch is a combination of clean design and functionality. Featuring Japanese movement with 60-minute chronograph, split time measurement, date and 24-hour indicators, the BFD 105 Chrono unites military color themes, olives, khakis, browns and blacks, with well-defined design elements. Oversized hour-markers offset contrasting dials, while the three chronograph indicators are perfectly positioned for maximum visual impact. The BFD 105 is framed in a 44mm stainless steel case with a tachymeter on the outer ring and minute-markers on the reflector ring, which complete the attention demanding design. Available in new water resistant PU straps featuring a canvas and leather look, in brown, black or olive, the BFD 105 is water resistant up to 100M. This commander’s timepiece has the look of precision and action associated with military gear. “Taking our popular BFD Chronograph family to the next level, the BFD 105 Chrono is crisp, clean and distinct in design, staying ever true to Nautica brand’s core values,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management.

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BFD 101 Ana-Digi

Nautica Watches announces its first foray into Ana-Digi technology. The BFD 101 Ana-Digi is the first in a new wave of Nautica timepieces to incorporate dual technology. Its bold dive-style design combines analog and digital movements in a functionally robust, adventure-ready sport watch. The BFD 101 Ana-Digi features three-hand analog time and digital movements with multiple functionality: time, date, chronograph with 42-lap memory, three linked countdown timers, and two alarms linked to time zone. Once set, the Auto Calendar date advances automatically. Set in a 44mm stainless steel case, the BFD 101 Ana-Digi features a three-hand movement set on either a black or white digital display. For nighttime use, the BFD 101 Ana-Digi offers a luminescent Indiglo® nightlight. The timepiece is water resistant up to 100M. The BFD Ana-Digi is available in a black, blue, orange, yellow or white sport resin strap or stainless steel metal bracelet. The Nautica brand’s well-known attention to detail can be seen in the timepiece’s signature J-class sail etched on the protected crown, a fully turning bezel and four symmetrically located pushers for the digital functions. The J-class sail logo is also etched into the resin straps. The BFD 101 Ana-Digi is a great looking watch with a surprising depth of functionality that captures the spirit of adventure that Nautica embodies. “We’ve taken our classic dive-style sport watch and added a digital component for added function. The BFD 101 Ana-Digi holds true to the core of Nautica Watches fusing the best of classic American style with the latest in technical innovation,” states Linda Calvert, VP Global Brand Management.

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